Melbourne Canopy U/V unit is designed for kitchen exhaust systems within multi storey buildings servicing cafes & restaurants.

With multi storey premises the ductwork cannot run up to the rooftop due to council restrictions or the height of building. The purpose of the U/V unit is to deodorise the odour from the exhaust air stream so when pedestrians walk past the premises they will not smell the odour from the foods cooking.

The U/V box consists of ultra violet tube lighting within a stainless steel box which produces ozone to then be mechanically fanned into the exhaust ductwork. The ozone breaks down odour compounds with activated oxygen (O3) & is most efficient with a ductwork run of at least 7m in length.

Melbourne Canopies have been providing this U/V system for over ten years throughout Victoria with the guarantee that our units comply with Australian Standards AS1668.2 2012.

One of the most beneficial aspects of the Melbourne Canopy U/V unit is the minimal maintenance for the customer. Based on run hours the ultra violet globes on average need to be changed once per year with a beeping sound to notify the customer that the globes need replacing.

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