We can fabricate products for all types of commercial exhaust canopy installations

No matter what your exhaust canopy needs, Melbourne Canopy Manufacturers can design, build and install the ideal commercial exhaust canopy installation for you along with all necessary ducting, filters and fans.

Our canopies have been utilised right across Melbourne in all types of shops, restaurants, cafes and commercial kitchens to remove smoke, steam and odours and provide the cleanest air for your patrons and staff. Our successful commercial exhaust canopy solutions cover a wide range of industries, including food and beverage, education, government and hospital environments. No matter what type of commercial exhaust hood installation you need, we can assist!

Our range of custom made stainless steel exhaust canopy products includes all types of hoods and canopies, lighting, filters, UV filters, fans and ducting, everything you need for a great clean air result.

Why You Need a Commercial Exhaust Canopy Installation

The health and safety of staff and patrons is at the forefront of any commercial business owner’s mind. In a commercial kitchen, some of these dangers come in the form of heat, steam and fumes. A commercial kitchen range hood installation effectively eliminates these risks by:

  • Extracting grease-laden steam
  • Removing excessive heat
  • Creating a more comfortable working environment for employees
  • Controlling the emission of grease, which can then be disposed of in a preferred manner
  • Prevents deposits of grease from clinging onto exposed surfaces such as ceilings, walls and fittings
  • Disperses exhausted gases in a way that is less harmful to people and the environment


Commercial Exhaust Hood Installations That Meet Industry Standards

All of the products we use to produce our commercial hoods and canopies meet the stringent Australian Standards, such the Australian Standard AS 1668.2. The products and materials we use are the highest quality available and suitable for all types of commercial installation.

Need assistance with your commercial exhaust canopy? We are ready to help!